Sunday, October 4, 2009

31 for 21: Day Four

Today is Sunday and a good day to talk about the love and support I received from my church family when we got the twins' diagnosis.

I have told everyone time and time again just how much they're prayers kept us going when we were dealing with the NICU, the Down Syndrome diagnosis, surgeries for Isaac, being away from one baby while spending time with the other in a different hospital miles and miles away from each other, and not to mention being away from the older three children as much as we were. Without the comfort of prayer, cards, hugs and help with getting our house in order and keeping our kids I don't know how we would have gotten through this ordeal. Without my family AND my church family it would have been impossible.

While we were going through all of this I prayed and cried and prayed some more, but I don't feel as though I had the strength to pray for the right things. But I knew that my church family and friends were taking care of lifting us up in prayer and I truly felt that comfort.

If your going through a new diagnosis of Down Syndrome or any other difficult time for that matter and you do not have a church family, from experience, find a church family to help get you through. We attend the DuBois Church of Christ. We've tried many many different church and never felt as welcomed as we do here. When we travel we always visit a Church of Christ in the area we're visiting and we have always been more than welcomed at each stop.

I now pray for all new parents receiving the diagnosis of Down Syndrome and for peace and comfort for them as they process the overflow of information they will get at the beginning. God Bless them all as he has our family :)

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