Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sharing My2k story with The White House

The fiscal cliff is the buzz word these days.  You hear it on the news, you read it in the paper, see it all over  social media, you hear friends and family talking about it.  I received an email today from whitehouse.gov asking for family stories to contribute to the Presidents desk.

Here is a statement from the page:

"You and your family have a lot riding on the outcome of this debate. We all do. And as citizens, we all have a say in the country we want to build… So make your voice heard."

One thing that I have found since having my twins is my voice.  Before them I let so many things slide.  Before them I would never question a medical professionals opinion.  Before them I would never speak up and say that I disagreed with pending decision to do something. Before them I really just watched everything happen and either complained about it under my breath and to family or I just swallowed it and sat back and pouted.

Some may say well I'm not going to speak up or do anything because I'm only one person, what does my story matter?  One thing that I have found is that if two or three people ban together and work feverishly to make a change not much happens.  The two or three people burn out before the change is ever made... BUT if 300 people make a statement on how an issue will affect their family its peaks some interest.... AND if 3000 people make a statement they are heard.  Being a single voice is as a whisper, but joining in and shouting your voice with many others becomes and insisting outcry for attention to a matter.

I have attached my story for reference and to give you a sample of a story:

Raising five beautiful children is a blessing that my husband Tom and I have been given.  My husband is a partner at a CPA firm and makes enough money that I can stay at home with our children and work a part time job from home.  Financially we are not struggling, we are not wealthy by any means but we manage and are happy.  A $2000 tax would be devastating to my family.  We will still manage to get by, but we have one really big factor that we are not willing to give up and to continue where we are with this issue we will have to majorly cut in areas of food, clothing, utilities and shelter to keep it going.  My two youngest children are 7 year old identical twin boys who both have Autism and Down Syndrome.  They have changed the definition of our family dynamics to unconditionally loving and giving no matter what.  They require a lot of therapies, specialist, medication, and supplies.  They are both doing amazing and far surpassing what I expected to see out of them when they were born.  This is due to the early intervention and the medical care and therapy they have received to this point.  If our family were to be taxed another $2000 from our poverty level income already, it would be life changing for my beautiful boys.  Their progress would slow, their independence would be compromised, their outlook for their future would be grim.  We need to stay on the path that we are on right now, its working!!  And from a family such as ours that works hard and contributes to our community as much as we can through volunteering we need to keep what we have to continue on.  Please consider families like ours who have financial obligations above and beyond what other families have.  Its not about material items or luxuries, its about human life and striving to gain abilities to be able to give back to your community.  Our hopes for our twins are high, we believe in them, we are obligated to do all we can for them.  Please don't make it any harder on us than it already is!!

Thank You for reading and considering my story.

Stacy Hanzely

And so there it is.  My voice.... now won't you add yours to mine??  CLICK HERE without delay and add your story.  No need for a long story. A few simple sentences will do.  Join my outcry!!!  Remember that "We The People" are part of the government.  May God be with our leaders and guide their decisions to be what is truly best for our country.

SLEEP, or lack thereof !!??

My 7 year old  son Isaac has me so puzzled.  I have asked the doctors, I have asked the Behavioral Specialist, I have ask the psychologist, I have ask other parents....

My son does not sleep long enough!!  I give him upto 7mg of Melatonin every night.  We usually empty a capsule onto his ice cream or into his nightly sippy cup around 9pm.  Usually asleep by 10 pm.  BUT he's up and about right now at 4 am as he is every morning.  Right now I am listening to the familiar sound of him humming over a very loud TV that usually wakes everyone else in the house up.

Giving him a slow release dose of Melatonin is not really an option because it comes in a capsule form that has to be swallowed.  He cannot do that.

I should add that Isaac does have Autism and Down Syndrome.  I do know that not sleeping is an Autism trait, but WHAT CAN I DO?  He is in kindergarten and I always feel so bad sending him to school when I know he has to be ready for a nap.

Has anyone dealt with this and is there any hope??!!