Wednesday, January 25, 2012

LTNP... (Long Time No Post)

I guess I have REALLY neglected my blog over the past several weeks.  Who woulda thunk that a mom of five kids would lose track of her time and energy to get on the computer and keep the world updated on what is going on in her household??  Actually I really enjoyed stepping back from the computer and facebook for a few weeks.

Update in a Nutshell:

Excellent Christmas with the kids this year.  Tom and I escaped from our everyday norm and took a 5 day trip to Louisiana at the beginning of January. I now totally understand why people say they come back from vacation refreshed and ready to tackle another day.  See since we have had children we always take the children with us when we go away for a few days.  THAT leaves us more exhausted at the end than we were at the beginning, but this trip was different..and amazing...and relaxing!!!  Tom and I got our first massage, and I guarantee that won't be our last!

Also got to see some gators (and eat some)..

 Kids have been healthy for the most part with the exception of a tummy ache here and an ear infection there.. Everyone is having a great year in school.  Tristin has been practicing for a small part in the school play two nights a week.  Camille keeps on crafting and Skyping with her friends.  Elijah is all boy and loves playing his Wii games, computer games, and avoiding going outside in the cold weather.  The twins are plugging away at their busy schedules and keeping busy.  They are both making great improvements and we are about to register them for kindergarten for the fall.

Today Caleb had surgery at Children's in Pittsburgh for his third set of tubes and more dental work.  Unfortunately, as a result of his sensory issues he does not take teeth brushing well.  Today he got two more crowns, one filling, and they decided to seal all his molars in anticipation of perhaps helping any future problems.  Not that I look forward to any surgical procedures for my twins, BUT I do look forward to getting to talk to a nurse who works in the unit who has identical twins with Down Syndrome herself and LOTS of great advice to offer us.  Its really easy to feel like we're all alone sometime in our journey of raising our boys.  Its one thing to have support online with people going through your journey, and its another to speak face to face with someone in the same boat..  THANK YOU PAM!!!!

Here was a great expression from Caleb about his day today: