Friday, November 26, 2010

Welcome to the World Abigail

Our family was truly thankful yesterday on Thanksgiving. We received a new bundle of joy!! 8lbs .5 oz, 20 inches long. Now thats a nice size for a Butterball :)
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Now THAT'S Comedy

Have you ever had an "I Love Lucy" moment, where your in a situation so hopeless you just throw your arms up and surrender??  Yeah, I just had one of those myself.

Kids came home from school, chaos always begins as they tell me about their day, ask for a snack, and head for the Wii to unwind before dinner.  Shortly after they came home one of the twins staff workers came to pick up a book.  After short conversation I realized that Isaac had messed his britches.  I went into the living room for a second to talk to the older kids again and tell them I was going to change Isaac I'd be right back.  Into my bedroom I find that Isaac had once again dipped his hands into his diaper..

UGH, ok I deal with this so much I feel as though I'm becoming a pro at getting his diaper off while holding his hands and running bath water all at the same time.  So I get him in and rinse off his hands and wipe up his bottom good enough that I'm ready to lift the drain and fill the tub up with clean water to give him a bath.  Within a minute or two of him splashing and having fun, Caleb comes running in.. He wants in on the bath action.  In he goes.  I always take advantage of bath time by cleaning up the bathroom and starting laundry (laundry room is in my bathroom).  They were playing and I was peeking in on them and making funny Peek A Boo noises.. They are getting braver and braver in the tub and are laying on their tummies trying to stick their face in the water.  It is cute... BUT.. there's a big BUT.. both boys have reflux really bad and we thicken all thin liquids because they choke on them, this includes choking on bath water.  I can't thicken the bath water.  As Isaac chokes for the second time I tell them to sit up and be careful.  Finish loading the laundry and turn on the washing machine... I hear really bad choking, I look and Isaac is upchucking in the tub.  I run over and grab Caleb out before any of that gets on him, I make it just in time.  I wrap Caleb in a towel and sit him on my bed.  "Caleb mommy will be right back, hold on" (uh, huh!) and then I go back in and rinse off Isaac and get him settled down.  Out of the tub he comes, drying him off and sticking a diaper on his butt and I hear "MOM CALEB JUST PEE'D ALL OVER THE COUCH!!"  You've gotta be kidding me right?  UGH

So in a matter of about 15 minutes I dealt with Poop, Puke, and Pee all in a bad way... LOL  These are the days that remain stories for years to come :)  Oh by the way, they are both fine and eating cereal and watching tv like nothing ever happened, even now they teach me that hey, its no big deal mom.

Any good ideas on how to get pee out of a couch cushion that does not come off??????

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Excitment Builds

Today I am running around finishing up errands and trying to tie up loose ends so that Tom and I can head out tomorrow for Orlando.  We are heading to The Arc National Convention to soak in one day of good information and bring that back to our local chapter to hopefully be able to grow from it.  The Arc of Jefferson County is actually a large local chapter for the little rural community that we live in.  I am proud to be a part of it and hope that we continue to do good by the people we serve.

I failed at the 31 for 21 challenge... I wasn't able to blog the last two or three days due to the twins being ill, remodeling a bathroom, and figuring out last minute costumes for the kids to wear to school for their Halloween Party.  I have to say, I totally cheated my way out of taking the kids Trick or Treating this year.  Camille went with a friend.  Tristin never put together a costume, and Elijah... well Elijah is easily bribed :)

I offered him a WHOLE PACK of those mini Kit Kat bars (for $1) that he could have all to himself and he was tickled!!  So we hit three houses right here on the hill, great grandma, grandma and papa, and Aunt Sue and Uncle JR and he was happy.  Now that's my kinda kid...LOL  Honestly, I used to get all decked out for Halloween.  Decorating, sewing costumes from patterns just to be different, cool treat bags, you name it.  But since the twins have been here.. October is just a busy and emotional month for me.  Its their birthday, but I still remember how devastating the whole month of October was for us when they were born, not because of their diagnosis, but because of their prematurity, the NICU stay, Isaac developing NEC.  It somehow made everything else seem unimportant.  Now it seems as though I have found out that my kids survived without going crazy getting tons and tons of candy from strangers, I have saved on a dental bill, and its less chaos.  Who couldn't use a little less chaos in life these days?

I am so Thankful for my children.  For them just going with the flow much like I do these days.  I am Thankful for people helping Tom and I out so that we can attend a conference and be away from our children for THREE WHOLE DAYS.  I am nervous to be gone from the kids, yet anxious to spend much needed time with my husband.  Raising five children, two with special needs, tends to take adult conversation out of the relationship sometimes.  I hope we think of things to talk about :)