Monday, September 26, 2011

Reflecting One Year Ago Today, Caleb walked..

 Good Start Buddy!!!

It took him almost as long to learn to re-walk as he work the SPICA cast.. about 8 weeks.  Here is a few reminder photos of what he went through wearing it:
Comfy Sitting Position?
Backside View

wore two diapers at a time, one tucked inside
and the second diaper wrapped around the outside
ahhh reclining and watching tv
This is what it looked like after cast came off..
Happy Boy finishing up his burger on the way home
another shot of this lovely scaley leg
First bath in over two months... he stayed in there for an hour!!

It feels like forever ago that Caleb went through this.  A year later you cannot tell at all he had a broken femur on his right leg, no limp, no weakness, no scarring.  

Kinda funny how mom is going through physical therapy one year later from a ruptured ACL that happened falling from the same swing set Caleb fell from, one the same day, with Caleb in my arms.. That swing set is banned in 2012 the whole week of June 24th.  I only hope that a year after my surgery that I walk without a limp, regaining full strength, and a scar that's not terribly noticeable.  My recovery feels like its taking forever, but reflecting back on Caleb a year ago, next year this time it will feel like forever ago that I was recovering.  **((I hope..))**

Monday, September 12, 2011

Elijah's 8th Birthday Party Pics

In all honesty this year was a rough year for me to document his birthday.  He turned 8, he had the count down going for about two weeks before his birthday and he was excited to become another year older.  I confess, I am typing this entry almost two months after his birthday with birthday party pics, but he deserves a record of what he did this year too!!  I was laid up on the sofa from falling back on June 25th and waiting for surgery to happen a week from his birthday. So it was not a huge party, nothing to special happened as far as a party.  Cake and Ice Cream down and grandma and papa's house with family over.  BUT..... daddy did come to the rescue and take him to a Spikes baseball game the night of his birthday.  We got him a personalized baseball bat from BWP bats for his birthday.   Daddy took him to try it out at the batting cages and then off to State College for a game.  Elijah enjoyed it and even got to go down on the field for one of their little events they do between innings.  He was really excited about that and you can read about that here and see photos of his new bat..  So here are the birthday party photos from grandma and papas.  Lots of cute photos with the cousins:

Hates his photo taken, these are the faces I get
now thats a cute smirk

Eric and Elijah
Love this one!!!
and of course,,,,
Isaac chooses..

the R E D Cupcakes!!!

My 911 Babies

On a day that many in our country reflect on the sadness of events that took place in New York and Pennsylvania on Tuesday, September 11, 2001, we celebrate.  Our reflection of this day was sitting and admiring the brand new baby girl my husband and I just brought into the world.  Our reflection of this day was our first daughter being all excited to have a brand new baby girl on her 4th birthday.  Some people call siblings born on the same day years apart Irish Twins.. We called the girls our double blessings. Little did we know that just over four years after Camille was born we would get real twins...

I have to admit that this year with it being the 10 year anniversary of the day our country was attacked, I did have to turn on the tv for a few minutes and observe some of the television coverage.  In the 20 minutes that the tv was on, I had to run for tissues twice as my tears freely ran down my face for the families who were not celebrating this day.  For the stories they were telling were so different than my own.  After getting that out of my system and praying for those who still needed comfort and closure, I got back into my birthday party mode and got the house ready to host family and friends for our celebration.

This year with me still recovering from ACL reconstruction surgery on August 3rd I was a bit limited to what I could do for a party.  We just had our backyard fenced in so what a better place to host a party than within the safety of our own backyard.  The girls each invited a couple friends over and Tom's family joined us for some cake and ice cream.  Generally I enjoy making homemade birthday cakes, but this year that was a little to much for me, so Wal-Mart did a wonderful job!

Tristin is 14.. Our baby.. she is 14!!!  I am really beginning to feel the words of wisdom I have heard from my grandmother and mom from the day she was born, time goes so fast, enjoy your time with her while she's little.  Oh how I already have regrets of time not spent with her "while she was young".  She has totally declared her independence from cuddles with mom anymore.  She has totally declared her independence with her likes and dislikes with clothing, music, and tv shows.  She is growing up before my eyes and I couldn't be more proud of the little woman she is becoming.  She has such a sense of responsibility and compassion that many young ladies her age have yet to figure out.  She loves her music, she is so artistic, she joined the marching band playing the clarinet this year, and she excels at her school work.  She makes her mama proud!!


Look at the FLAMES on this cake this year!!!
Since I couldn't make cake this year we bought blank cakes from Wal-Mart and Tristin still decorated it with her name.

 Camille is 10.  She has asked me a few times recently if I was sad I had her on such a day.  I told her that I looked at it as quite the opposite.  I was so happy that God decided to bless us this day with a brand new baby girl and a new journey together that will last us a lifetime..  She was born at 2:30am, I was recovered and in my hospital room admiring her and her cute little face and tons and tons of dark hair she was born with.  Tom had gone home around 8am to get a shower and I remember calling him at home and telling him to turn on the tv and then to hurry up and come back to us at the hospital.  Tristin was with her grandparents and I needed Tom there with me to assure me that everything was going to be ok.  Of course things were going through my mind like we just brought this perfect child into the world and a war is going to start and change so many things.  I do feel for Camille because this day has and will do down in history as a day of tragedy and pain.  I think that in some ways this affects her self-esteem and worth.  If you did not read my post on my discussion with Camille on 9/11, its a must read!!  She is amazing.  She is an invaluable part of our family, she helps me more than no other here at the house with the twins.  When she is in the right mood she helps around the house and did I mention that she gives the best back massages ever!!! I think she has a career in massage when she gets older.  I have actually paid her to rub my back, she's worth every dollar that I have given her.  A buck for a 20 or 30 minute massage is a big money saver!!!  She has made the past 10 years interesting, unpredictable, and full of love.  God has been so good to me and I feel his blessings as each year goes by.  Love Ya Toots!!!

Look at that cutie pie :)

Silly Blue Tongue Girls

While we were getting the girls candles going on their cakes and preparing to sing Happy Birthday to the them both,  Isaac went over to the gift table and decided he wanted to open a pretty present and see what was it in.. Camille was a little upset that her baby brother was opening her first present, BUT we did allow Isaac to open it because he has never unwrapped a present before.  Good Job Buddy :)

And so another year begins, with God's help and guidance this will be a better year for us all than the past few.  Thank you Jesus for blessing my family with these two beautiful girls!!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Conversation with Camille on 9/11

My darling adorable girly girl Camille and I were sitting this evening watching a program on Discovery about the rebuilding of Ground Zero.  As we were watching it she began asking alot of questions, some to which I had no answers.  But then she stopped with tears in her eyes and the conversation went like this:

Camille: Mom, am I bad because I was born on that day?

Mom: Absolutely not honey, you were one of the best things that happened that day, God brought you to us that day for a reason to celebrate!!

Camille:  Well mom, you always tell me that I have the biggest heart of any child that you know, I think I got a little bit of some of those people's hearts who died on 9-11

Mom:  sniff ... sniff  (reaching over to hug her)