Thursday, September 1, 2011

Conversation with Camille on 9/11

My darling adorable girly girl Camille and I were sitting this evening watching a program on Discovery about the rebuilding of Ground Zero.  As we were watching it she began asking alot of questions, some to which I had no answers.  But then she stopped with tears in her eyes and the conversation went like this:

Camille: Mom, am I bad because I was born on that day?

Mom: Absolutely not honey, you were one of the best things that happened that day, God brought you to us that day for a reason to celebrate!!

Camille:  Well mom, you always tell me that I have the biggest heart of any child that you know, I think I got a little bit of some of those people's hearts who died on 9-11

Mom:  sniff ... sniff  (reaching over to hug her)

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Linda said...

OMG~that is priceless! You are so lucky.....