Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Twin Time

 Isaac on left.... Caleb on right

Do ya hear that brother???? Yep, not siblings fighting

What in the world is Caleb thinking???

Caleb was certainly full of different faces and expressions this morning.. what a little ham :)

Today was the first day of school for the older three siblings.  The twins are age ready for kindergarten, but we decided after weeks (or  maybe months) of thinking about it to hold them out another year.  Our reason was to focus on outpatient speech therapy, occupational therapy focusing on sensory issues, another year of Stepping Stones and hopefully 2 days of Head Start.  They both love to be engaged and working.  The thinking I also have had is at home with what we are doing we are in CONTROL and we are seeing so much progress I would hate to send them to school and lose that right now while they are so young.  So today as the older children left for school we had a few minutes to "twin time" before getting them ready to head off to ST and OT this morning.  They are little hams when I get the camera out these days.

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