Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My 3rd Grader

Elijah is such an easy going kid.  He doesn't get to worked up about many things, but one thing I do know about this kid, he LIKES school.  He likes playing with friends, he likes learning, he likes having something to do.  When asked if he was ready for school, of course, he yells Noooooooo, but with a big smile on his face.  He has had the count down going for about two weeks now, and he's ready.  The only bummer for mom, was with my leg injury and surgery I was unable to take the kids school shopping or for haircuts, so Elijah is starting school much shaggier than normal.. Daddy is saving the day tonight though and taking him for a haircut..LOL

And now for the traditional back to school photos:  (I always have the kiddos make a sign the night before to say what grade they are going into and the year, so when we look back on the photos years down the road we don't have to think "What Grade were they in?")

Whata Face
Goofy Pose
You know Elijah, another goofy pose...lol
Asked them to hug and this is what I got
Then their mean mama "made them hug".  When they were done with the photo they both said EWWWWW!!
Waiting for the bus and playing with their shadows
and... they're off!!!!

Love Ya Buddy... have a great year!!

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