Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My 4th Grader

Camille was the least excited to goto school today but she was the last one to fall asleep last night and the last to wake this morning.  Once she got up though she rushed around and got ready in no time with a smile on her face.  She was ready to go before Elijah was, so I think she was more excited than she let on.  The elementary school than my children attend has been a multi-aged classroom school.  Meaning Kindergarten and 1 were together, 2nd and 3rd together, and 4th and 5th together.   Last year they made 4th and 5th their own classroom, now this year they have all classrooms according to grade.  This will be an adjustment in some ways for the kids and I think that Camille was a little apprehensive about that change.  I know she will do great this year. 

And now... our traditional 1st day back to school photos... (I always have them make a sign the night before with their grade and year so later in life I don't have to guess what grade they were going into when we look at the photos):

I am NOT getting up this early!!

There's my Millie's beautiful smile :)
Annual Profile Shot
Goofy Girl
Love This!!!
And they're off...........

Good Luck my girl :)

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