Monday, April 23, 2012

Note to Self...

When one twin is in the tub getting cleaned up from a diaper mess, ALWAYS be sure to put the other one in the tub too, especially if you step away to get some clean towels..

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2012 Tax Widow Status is over!!

Traditional celebration dinner took place tonight at the Hanzely household for the last day of tax season..  Kids waited patiently on Tom's arrival at home, which was supposed to occur at 5:30pm.... and at 6:30 he walked through the door to hungry grumpy kids who had been looking at the food sitting on the table for almost an hour.. Poor Daddy.. wasn't as chipper a homecoming this year.

But the food was delicious and the conversation was good.. We are just glad to be able to eat dinner with Tom again.

Can't make this stuff up :)

Today being the last day of tax season we have a "traditional celebration meal" for Tom when he gets home from working as a CPA.  The kids always do something fun like decorate the table nicely, make some cards or banners to hang around the house, or jump out and yell SURPRISE when daddy walks in the door.

As I was outside preparing the grill for our goodies I look up and find this......

What in the world is my son Isaac's clothing laying all over the play ground area for???

Ohhhhhh this is why:

After some persuading I finally get him to sit at the top of the slide so that I can try to get him down and get him dressed again:

Today's weather in PA was not the warmest, only about 60 degrees and windy... burrrrrr not the kinda weather I would want to be out in my birthday suit in..

And to top off the story of my son's naked adventure on his playset... we are trying really hard to get both boys potty trained before they start kindergarten in the fall.  Caleb seems to be doing a little better job of peeing in the potty..  Isaac hasn't really showed off his skills... UNTIL TODAY!!

He was thrilled to see his pee go down the slide...LOL!!!! Maybe we can ask for the schools to provide an adapted toilet for Isaac that includes a slide down to the water bowl??? 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Loving my SmartAppsForKids

Injini: Child Development Game Suite GIVEAWAY! (a $50 app!)

6a00e3982283618833016760a54756970bWe were saddened recently to find out that Project Injini, the makers of some terrific education apps, had come to an end after three years. The project was sponosored by developer NCSoft as a way to answer the question "What impact can game designers make in the lives of children with special needs?"

If you've tried any of Project Injini's apps, as well as those from a number of other developers, you know the answer to that question is that apps can be life-changing for children with special needs. You can read all the info about the project here.
To celebrate the amazing work of Project Injini, today we're starting a giveaway for THREE copies of their $50 Injini: Child Development Game Suite (which is currently on sale for $30).
We reviewed this app and gave it four stars because we felt the price tag was too high, but that's obviously not a problem if you win the app for free or buy it while it is on sale! We have also included free trial links below.
A suite of well-done games that targets a whole host of developmental skills in a fun way. Impressive but very expensive.
 Injini: Child Development Game Suite can successfully be used with typically-developing children but it was specifically designed for, and tested with, children affected by autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome and other developmental delays.
Injini is a “Suite” because it is actually 10 learning games in one app: puzzles (90 of them), a balloon game, which helps develop awareness of colors and shapes, eight mini farm-based games, a Find-It activity which works on discrimination skills, Feed the Frog, which is great for developing the fine motor skills, a letters game, and games that focus on matching, patterns, squares and tracing. Most of the games have nine levels, and there are several screens within each level.
There is a wealth of content here...
You can enter to win using the Rafflecopter box below. For full rules and instructions, please click here. Winning entries are all verified.
You can guarantee yourself a 100 percent chance of having the app by buying it now from the App Store!
iPad ($29.99 for a limited time):     U.S.     Canada     U.K.     Australia
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