Monday, July 9, 2012

2012 Hanzely Family Reunion

Great Grandma Hanzely with all her great grandchildren, what a beautiful photo!!!

It seems like it has been such a long time since our last reunion.  We try to  hold them every other year but we have had a few weddings over the past few years that we went three years since our last reunion.  Since Great Grandpa Hanzely passed away we began holding the reunions down at our family pond instead of at the Great Grandparents house to make things easier on Great Grandma Rita.  Our last reunion the Hanzely boys attempted making a water slide down the hill into the pond.  It was, of course, a big hit so this reunion they worked hard to top the last water slide and make this one even better... OH BOY did they!!!!

There was a water pump that took water out of the pond, through a hose at the top of the slide.  The slide was made up of first a layer of cardboard, then plastic from Uncle JR's greenhouse, and rubber tires along the edges to keep from going off the plastic.  I would guess the slide to be about 40+ yards long, down a nice steep hill into our very fun very large pond.  The slide was for sure the big attraction of the reunion this year.  Everyone showed up in their suits ready to take on the hill.  So much fun, so many photos, I just had to make a montage of all the fun to share: