Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Twin Time

 Isaac on left.... Caleb on right

Do ya hear that brother???? Yep, not siblings fighting

What in the world is Caleb thinking???

Caleb was certainly full of different faces and expressions this morning.. what a little ham :)

Today was the first day of school for the older three siblings.  The twins are age ready for kindergarten, but we decided after weeks (or  maybe months) of thinking about it to hold them out another year.  Our reason was to focus on outpatient speech therapy, occupational therapy focusing on sensory issues, another year of Stepping Stones and hopefully 2 days of Head Start.  They both love to be engaged and working.  The thinking I also have had is at home with what we are doing we are in CONTROL and we are seeing so much progress I would hate to send them to school and lose that right now while they are so young.  So today as the older children left for school we had a few minutes to "twin time" before getting them ready to head off to ST and OT this morning.  They are little hams when I get the camera out these days.

My 3rd Grader

Elijah is such an easy going kid.  He doesn't get to worked up about many things, but one thing I do know about this kid, he LIKES school.  He likes playing with friends, he likes learning, he likes having something to do.  When asked if he was ready for school, of course, he yells Noooooooo, but with a big smile on his face.  He has had the count down going for about two weeks now, and he's ready.  The only bummer for mom, was with my leg injury and surgery I was unable to take the kids school shopping or for haircuts, so Elijah is starting school much shaggier than normal.. Daddy is saving the day tonight though and taking him for a haircut..LOL

And now for the traditional back to school photos:  (I always have the kiddos make a sign the night before to say what grade they are going into and the year, so when we look back on the photos years down the road we don't have to think "What Grade were they in?")

Whata Face
Goofy Pose
You know Elijah, another goofy pose...lol
Asked them to hug and this is what I got
Then their mean mama "made them hug".  When they were done with the photo they both said EWWWWW!!
Waiting for the bus and playing with their shadows
and... they're off!!!!

Love Ya Buddy... have a great year!!

My 4th Grader

Camille was the least excited to goto school today but she was the last one to fall asleep last night and the last to wake this morning.  Once she got up though she rushed around and got ready in no time with a smile on her face.  She was ready to go before Elijah was, so I think she was more excited than she let on.  The elementary school than my children attend has been a multi-aged classroom school.  Meaning Kindergarten and 1 were together, 2nd and 3rd together, and 4th and 5th together.   Last year they made 4th and 5th their own classroom, now this year they have all classrooms according to grade.  This will be an adjustment in some ways for the kids and I think that Camille was a little apprehensive about that change.  I know she will do great this year. 

And now... our traditional 1st day back to school photos... (I always have them make a sign the night before with their grade and year so later in life I don't have to guess what grade they were going into when we look at the photos):

I am NOT getting up this early!!

There's my Millie's beautiful smile :)
Annual Profile Shot
Goofy Girl
Love This!!!
And they're off...........

Good Luck my girl :)

My 8th Grader

Today is back to school.  First one to go is Tristin.. She has been super nervous because she is in the super accelerated classes this year.  Earth Space Science program.  I know she can do it.  We are so very proud of her.  As she went off for her first day of school today I had flashbacks of when I sent her to school for the first day of 1st grade (I home schooled preschool and kindergarten) and a smile entered my face knowing how much she has accomplished so far, and how much more there is for her to do in life.  Go t, Love Ya!!  May God be with you this year and bless you with lots of new knowledge..

And now for the Traditional First Day Photos, notice I make the kids make a sign with their grade so I don't have to guess years down the road what grade they were going into:

Mug Shot...lol
Silly Face
Notice the clarinet.  Marching Band practice tonight after school.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I should have known.....

NOT to walk away from the tub without taking the shampoo and the body wash out of the tub like I have to do each and every time I bathe these boys..  They don't miss a minute.  My washer and dryer is in my bathroom.  Like I do so often when I give the boys a bath, I fold laundry.  I was folding away, they had the shower doors closed and they were kicking and splashing and humming away, just like always.. when I look over and see bubbles... LOTS of BUBBLES... it was then I realized I forgot to grab the brand new bottle of shampoo and the 1/2 full bottle of body wash.. UGH.. but it was cute (just like the other half dozen or so times its happened before...lol)

At least they both smelled wonderful today...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Stepped out of my comfort zone today....and it was GOOD!

Today I was doing my final preparations for my ACL reconstruction surgery on Wednesday morning.  I was sitting at the hospital in the lab waiting for my bloodwork this afternoon.  There was a gentleman sitting next to us with a cute little 7 year old red head boy and a baby in a car seat he was rocking.  For the first few minutes the hood was up and I could not see the baby.  Then the dad pushed back the covering and I saw this beautiful little baby.. and I thought he had Down Syndrome.. I sat there and TRIED not to stare... but I couldn't help it.. The baby was looking at me with the most beautiful almond eyes and I was certain the baby had Down Syndrome. 

Have you ever been in the position that you "think" that a child has Down Syndrome, but your half afraid to ask?? That was me... So I was sitting there contemplating, Do I say something to this man..or do I not??  Then they called my name to go back to the room for my bloodwork.  When all of that was done I couldn't stop myself.  I reached into my purse and grabbed my business card for The Arc of Jefferson County and I headed over to this man. 

I introduced myself as a parent who was in his shoes 5 years ago and remembering how I didn't feel like there were many people in this area in my shoes.  I asked him if he was local and he was.  I was here to tell him we have a nice family support group that meets each month less than 15 miles from where he lives and I invited him to come.  I was very nervous and chocking on my words not knowing how this man would take my boldness...  He extended his hand to shake mine and THANKED ME VERY MUCH for approaching him... Whew!!! My husband was with me and he also shook his hand and told him that we would welcome getting to know them.

For my first time, I was happy with the outcome.  I was TOTALLY happy to have this lil pumpkin smile at me.  Oh how it feels like it was just yesterday that Caleb and Isaac were this little.  I hope I get to see this little guy some more..