Monday, August 1, 2011

Stepped out of my comfort zone today....and it was GOOD!

Today I was doing my final preparations for my ACL reconstruction surgery on Wednesday morning.  I was sitting at the hospital in the lab waiting for my bloodwork this afternoon.  There was a gentleman sitting next to us with a cute little 7 year old red head boy and a baby in a car seat he was rocking.  For the first few minutes the hood was up and I could not see the baby.  Then the dad pushed back the covering and I saw this beautiful little baby.. and I thought he had Down Syndrome.. I sat there and TRIED not to stare... but I couldn't help it.. The baby was looking at me with the most beautiful almond eyes and I was certain the baby had Down Syndrome. 

Have you ever been in the position that you "think" that a child has Down Syndrome, but your half afraid to ask?? That was me... So I was sitting there contemplating, Do I say something to this man..or do I not??  Then they called my name to go back to the room for my bloodwork.  When all of that was done I couldn't stop myself.  I reached into my purse and grabbed my business card for The Arc of Jefferson County and I headed over to this man. 

I introduced myself as a parent who was in his shoes 5 years ago and remembering how I didn't feel like there were many people in this area in my shoes.  I asked him if he was local and he was.  I was here to tell him we have a nice family support group that meets each month less than 15 miles from where he lives and I invited him to come.  I was very nervous and chocking on my words not knowing how this man would take my boldness...  He extended his hand to shake mine and THANKED ME VERY MUCH for approaching him... Whew!!! My husband was with me and he also shook his hand and told him that we would welcome getting to know them.

For my first time, I was happy with the outcome.  I was TOTALLY happy to have this lil pumpkin smile at me.  Oh how it feels like it was just yesterday that Caleb and Isaac were this little.  I hope I get to see this little guy some more..

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