Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy 8th Birthday Elijah!!!

Life with Elijah has been so unpredictable and mostly fun. He is always the character.  He takes being a pain in his sisters butt as a real job.  He has more energy that the other 6 family members in our house combined.  He has a love for his brothers that he is not ashamed to show to others.  He is fantastic in school.  He loves t-ball and is a really good player.  His speed running makes lots of people talk..

Here are a few photos from the past:

On his 8th Birthday we got him a personalized bat from Brookville Wood Products, took him to the batting cages to try it out and then he got special time with daddy last night as they went to a State College Spikes baseball game.  Elijah even got a ball!!!

Happy Birthday Buddy We Love YOU!!!!  Now off to grandma and papa's for pizza, wings and cake and ice cream.. YUM :)

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