Friday, July 22, 2011

Life Handed Me Lemons... and we are being SERVED lemonade.

There really are no words that I can begin to come up with to thank the women from my church at the DuBois Church of Christ,the moms in my MOPS group, my family, and my friends for helping me and my family in our time of need. So I quote the Apostle Paul in Philemon 1:4 I always thank my God as I remember you in my prayers.

When I fell three weeks ago with Caleb I would have never thought that the recovery would turn out to include surgery and staying off my leg for an extended period. Any of you who personally know me, knows "THIS IS KILLING ME" I am always on the go from sun up to sun down. I have been told by many that this might just be God's way to slow me down for a little bit, to that I laugh. But now three weeks down, I may have another thought..

God is teaching me what its like to accept help. That's right!! It is H-A-R-D to need help, let alone ask for help. Help getting groceries, going to doctors appointment and therapies, bathing my children, laundry and household duties (including meals). Its embarrassing and humbling to allow people into your home when its messy, to ask for help in your garden when the weeds quite frankly almost look better than the plants themselves. To just allow people in.

What I feel God has taught me is that Caleb and Isaac accept help everyday for things that they cannot themselves do. They may look around and see other children doing things that they cannot yet do for themselves. They may go to a birthday party and see all the children interacting without adult supervision or guidance and wonder why mom or dad has to help them hold a bat to hit the pinata. They may see other children feeding themselves at a restaurant and feel a sense of embarrassment that mom has to help them scoop their food onto their spoon so that they may bring it to their mouth. They may wonder why they have wrap around workers going out in the community with them to help keep them safe when their brother and sisters do not have anyone.

I honestly don't know if they have any of the above feelings that I have expressed but as they age I know they will know and feel that they are different. And I know that they will accept help that is given to them that will make their life easier and better. They truly have taught me more than I feel I will ever teach them.

With each meal that comes my family prays for the Lord to Bless the Hands that prepared each meal (or in some cases the hearts that went out and bought prepared foods) for our families enjoyment. And I also thank God for the wonderful people he has put into our life for support and encouragement as we continue on our journey living with and learning about Down Syndrome and Autism and how that changes our family dynamic from others, for the good!!

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