Thursday, July 7, 2011

Its VOTING time!!

Back in May I was honored to have won a makeover from my local JCPenny's in a promotion they were doing together with Matrix hair supplies.  You can read about my makeover here.  Part of the promotion was to give someone within the community who has made a change a makeover, then from all the local winners within the U.S. they put together a webpage to VOTE for the best makeover stories. 

Now I am calling my blog readers to help with your VOTE.  Please visit, search for Hanzely and VOTE.. only one vote per computer and/or phone, so I would appreciate you spreading the word for me as well.  The top 5 people will win $5,000 to give to an after school program of their choice.  I would love to do something for children with special needs in my area with that money.

C'Mon, vote already would ya????

and THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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