Monday, May 25, 2009

Our First Garden

We have decided to finally make ourselves a garden. We have talked about it since we've moved into this house but with the twins special needs and constant medical needs and therapies we held off each year knowing we would be just to busy. This year we are still as busy with therapies, softball, the Arc activities I plan on participating in..... BUT we've decided to jump in and give it a try. I need motivated to lose some weight and hopefully gardening activity will do that for me.

The benefits of living on an actual farm is the fact that the farmers are very handy with their equipment and we had a huge tractor come in and overturn our land. We have alot of work to get it ready to plant but we're hoping by next weekend we can be putting plants in. I thought for sure that Caleb would be scared of the big tractor and again he surprised me. He loved it, he was pointing and clapping and when I put him down he walked right over to it.

Both boys, I believe, have PICA. Where they eat unusual things sometimes, well dirt is one of them. They were both crunching rocks and dirt, it was soooo gross. I got a photo of Calebs mouth before we brought him in for his bath. He sampled the ground and it met it approval for good dirt...LOL

Here are some photos from tonight:

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

Proud Sister

My sister Bridgett and her husband Dereke both graduated from Penn State this past Saturday with Associates Degrees. I am proud of them both, this was a great accomplishment for them both as they have two girls they are raising and it was tough to keep tight schedules getting studies done and spending time with family. I wish them both the BEST OF LUCK in finding a job in this tough economy but I feel they will both be great at whatever job they secure.



Singin' in the rain...just singin in the rain

Things have seemed so hectic here lately, I guess its welcome to Spring for sure. Tristin is playing ball two or three nights a week, planning and preparing for my first ever garden experience, thinking about maybe getting some backyard chickens, keeping up with the twins' busy schedules, and planning things to do this summer with the kids. Not to mention ideas I'm trying to drum up for the Arc of Jefferson County. I have officially become their Executive Director and I am so excited about the possibilities here that we can hopefully get started.

The weather has been so crazy. So Crazy!! One day its almost 80 degrees and then the next we're in the 40's. One weeks its bone dry and people are commenting on the brush fires popping up in the area, the next week you hear people speaking of flood basements, its crazy for sure.

This past Saturday it was so nice out all day and we enjoyed most of the day outside, then come evening the clouds started coming in and before we knew it there was a rainstorm that was so hard and fast you couldn't help but just play in it :)
The kids were outside and they decided to just stay out there and be silly. It was really fun to watch (from inside) and I grabbed my camera and took some photos to remember our fun.


Camille and Tristin:

All three:

Tristin hula hooping and Camille heading off to use our swing set slide as a water slide:

oh to be a kid again!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Finally Recovered and functioning normally :)

At least our version of normal.

After many many days of sickness here at the Hanzely household we are finally back to full health. Today the boys went to my last MOPS event of the year and enjoyed a picnic with us. Caleb actually fell asleep so we must have bored him but Isaac enjoyed throwing and kicking a ball around and making his TSS chase after him for an hour. We had such a great discussion time between all of the mothers and recapped the year and its amazing how much we mothers think that everyone is always watching us and judging our abilities to mother our children. I feel that way myself often and its a shame that our pride could keep us from opening up to other mothers who could support our efforts and share their experiences with us and just be friendly. Now understand, I know not all people have good intentions and we should be able to determine the good from the bad hopefully, but I think that I need to open myself up to new mom's to the area or mom's who seem extra quiet and to themselves. One thing I can say about myself that I can confess comes from my that I have the gift of gab. I can talk to anyone about nothing and keep going until its something that really matters...LOL

Tonight was Tristins second softball game, the first one me and the twins were able to attend, and she did very well. I just have to get in the swing of attending two or three games a week. Need to be at ball field by 5:30pm and home around 8:30ish. It throws off dinner schedules, homework schedules, bath schedules, sleep schedules, etc.. Why do I do this again?? Oh teamwork skills :)

Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers for the boys while they were sick and for all the well wishes we received. All are appreciated very much!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Rotavirus....Take 2

Well, I have been slacking on my blog lately due to Caleb being so sick. We visited the doctor on Monday for a follow-up from their hospital stay and found that Caleb had ended up catching the Rotavirus while in the hospital. He finished up his sickness on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday were good, I didn't have to wash bed sheets for two whole days and I was quite happy about it. Last night at 3 am Isaac came into our bedroom with the most foul smell you could imagine out of a little 3 year old and I knew my sheet washing was going to start again. UGH!!!! So Caleb was sick for 6 or 7 days and now I'm in for it again. The joy of twins sometimes..includes going through something TWICE :p I ask for prayers for Isaac that he get over this quickly and that my fears for him are just me being silly. See Isaac had some of his small intestine removed when he was an infant due to N.E.C. and sometimes these gastro things are extra hard on him. Well see..

Monday, May 4, 2009

Its been a LONG week

Isaac got home from hospital last Monday and Caleb got home Tuesday. On Wednesday Caleb started vomiting and having diarrhea pretty badly. I called the doctor on Friday and they said to just keep him drinking as best as I could. He has not vomited since Sunday early morning, but has continued with terrible diarrhea and when we went to doctors office this morning he had the biggest blow-out it was horrible. All Over!! It appears as though Caleb got the roto-virus while he was in the hospital. We are now just trying to keep fluids in the poor kid as best we can. He still has tears and doesn't appear dehydrated yet, so we are home and hoping for an end SOON!! Isaac has symptoms but nothing like Caleb. This has not been a fun week for laundry I can tell ya that.