Monday, May 25, 2009

Our First Garden

We have decided to finally make ourselves a garden. We have talked about it since we've moved into this house but with the twins special needs and constant medical needs and therapies we held off each year knowing we would be just to busy. This year we are still as busy with therapies, softball, the Arc activities I plan on participating in..... BUT we've decided to jump in and give it a try. I need motivated to lose some weight and hopefully gardening activity will do that for me.

The benefits of living on an actual farm is the fact that the farmers are very handy with their equipment and we had a huge tractor come in and overturn our land. We have alot of work to get it ready to plant but we're hoping by next weekend we can be putting plants in. I thought for sure that Caleb would be scared of the big tractor and again he surprised me. He loved it, he was pointing and clapping and when I put him down he walked right over to it.

Both boys, I believe, have PICA. Where they eat unusual things sometimes, well dirt is one of them. They were both crunching rocks and dirt, it was soooo gross. I got a photo of Calebs mouth before we brought him in for his bath. He sampled the ground and it met it approval for good dirt...LOL

Here are some photos from tonight:

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datri said...

Good luck with the garden! I have a black thumb, LOL. The Hubs is a bit better. Kayla's out of her dirt eating phase, thank goodness. I was wondering if she had PICA for a while there, too! I don't know why our kids will eat dirt but only eat like three foods.