Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Can't make this stuff up :)

Today being the last day of tax season we have a "traditional celebration meal" for Tom when he gets home from working as a CPA.  The kids always do something fun like decorate the table nicely, make some cards or banners to hang around the house, or jump out and yell SURPRISE when daddy walks in the door.

As I was outside preparing the grill for our goodies I look up and find this......

What in the world is my son Isaac's clothing laying all over the play ground area for???

Ohhhhhh this is why:

After some persuading I finally get him to sit at the top of the slide so that I can try to get him down and get him dressed again:

Today's weather in PA was not the warmest, only about 60 degrees and windy... burrrrrr not the kinda weather I would want to be out in my birthday suit in..

And to top off the story of my son's naked adventure on his playset... we are trying really hard to get both boys potty trained before they start kindergarten in the fall.  Caleb seems to be doing a little better job of peeing in the potty..  Isaac hasn't really showed off his skills... UNTIL TODAY!!

He was thrilled to see his pee go down the slide...LOL!!!! Maybe we can ask for the schools to provide an adapted toilet for Isaac that includes a slide down to the water bowl??? 

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Tom said...

I can relate to Mikey sitting at the top of the slide naked -please don't slide down or you will burn your bum - but the using the slide as a urinal is a new one for me. Actually I'm surprised he never did it! :)