Monday, September 12, 2011

Elijah's 8th Birthday Party Pics

In all honesty this year was a rough year for me to document his birthday.  He turned 8, he had the count down going for about two weeks before his birthday and he was excited to become another year older.  I confess, I am typing this entry almost two months after his birthday with birthday party pics, but he deserves a record of what he did this year too!!  I was laid up on the sofa from falling back on June 25th and waiting for surgery to happen a week from his birthday. So it was not a huge party, nothing to special happened as far as a party.  Cake and Ice Cream down and grandma and papa's house with family over.  BUT..... daddy did come to the rescue and take him to a Spikes baseball game the night of his birthday.  We got him a personalized baseball bat from BWP bats for his birthday.   Daddy took him to try it out at the batting cages and then off to State College for a game.  Elijah enjoyed it and even got to go down on the field for one of their little events they do between innings.  He was really excited about that and you can read about that here and see photos of his new bat..  So here are the birthday party photos from grandma and papas.  Lots of cute photos with the cousins:

Hates his photo taken, these are the faces I get
now thats a cute smirk

Eric and Elijah
Love this one!!!
and of course,,,,
Isaac chooses..

the R E D Cupcakes!!!

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