Monday, September 26, 2011

Reflecting One Year Ago Today, Caleb walked..

 Good Start Buddy!!!

It took him almost as long to learn to re-walk as he work the SPICA cast.. about 8 weeks.  Here is a few reminder photos of what he went through wearing it:
Comfy Sitting Position?
Backside View

wore two diapers at a time, one tucked inside
and the second diaper wrapped around the outside
ahhh reclining and watching tv
This is what it looked like after cast came off..
Happy Boy finishing up his burger on the way home
another shot of this lovely scaley leg
First bath in over two months... he stayed in there for an hour!!

It feels like forever ago that Caleb went through this.  A year later you cannot tell at all he had a broken femur on his right leg, no limp, no weakness, no scarring.  

Kinda funny how mom is going through physical therapy one year later from a ruptured ACL that happened falling from the same swing set Caleb fell from, one the same day, with Caleb in my arms.. That swing set is banned in 2012 the whole week of June 24th.  I only hope that a year after my surgery that I walk without a limp, regaining full strength, and a scar that's not terribly noticeable.  My recovery feels like its taking forever, but reflecting back on Caleb a year ago, next year this time it will feel like forever ago that I was recovering.  **((I hope..))**

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Patti said...

I added you in! I had missed quite a few blogs I follow, thanks for letting me know!:) Happy Ds Awareness Month!