Thursday, October 29, 2009

31 for 21 Day 29.... We're Broke...Literally!!

So I haven't gotten to the blog in a few days. Imagine, me, busy? Hump, who woulda thought...LOL I'm not even going to use the busy excuse, nope not this time. How about my laptop kicked the bucket, or shall I say got its bucket kicked.

One of my children, their name will remain anonymous, accidentally dropped my laptop the other night and broke the screen.


This is all the shows up on my screen, don't adjust your computer or your eyes, this is what it looks like. I was honestly furious about this. The children have been told they are NOT to use my laptop they have one of their own. All be it the dinosaur that it is, but its still ok for them to play games and get online with. My computer has all my information on it for the Arc, for my church bulletins I print out weekly, thousands of photos, our finances, and much much more. I guess you don't realize how important this incredibly time consuming machine is in your life until your about to lose it. I have even been recording my fitness and nutrition on a great site that I've used on and off for about two years now on SparkPeople and I was getting freaked out that I couldn't track my calories for the day...

Thank goodness, I put a plea out on Facebook and a few ladies knew that I could plug my laptop into a desktop monitor and use it that way for now, until I can get a new screen. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Then today at preschool Isaac took a terrible tumble and he looks a little broke now too!! They said he was sitting on a chair, fell off that onto the sand/water table and must have hit it just right that his eye bumped into a bolt sticking out a little bit. Thank God he had his eye shut, but its gonna be a black eye for sure.
Poor Bugger, guess he can go Trick or Treating as a Boxer now....LOL

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