Wednesday, October 14, 2009

31 for 21 Day 14... Down Syndrome Features

One thing that I have come to love more than anything are the features of people with Down Syndrome. I found this photo on the left when I googled Down Syndrome Features. I know that some may find that statement odd, but I absolutely love looking at people with Down Syndrome and admiring their beauty. The almond eyes, the smaller facial features, their beautiful smiles, their attractive personalities.... I could go on and on.

To clear up any misconception some may have, There is no degree of Down Syndrome. My boys do not have mild Down Syndrome because they have mild features. I hear that often, Oh they must not have it really bad because they don't look like they have Down Syndrome alot. Having Trisomy 21 does not determine your personality, your IQ, your future, your life choices. I know many people who's children are not qualifying for services because their children do not need it. I know many parents who have their child potty trained at two. I know many parents who's child was talking at 12 to 16 months of age just like the typical children are.


How could you not love these features??

Here is an Oldie but Goodie. See if you can find the boys in this video:

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ds.mama said...

Our real babies are so much cuter than that artist's rendering... I think children with Ds are really beautiful... soft features, big eyes...sweet smiles :-)