Thursday, October 22, 2009

31 for 21 Day 22.. BUBBLE!!

I didn't get around to blogging yesterday, BUT we had some very exciting news!!! Caleb and Isaac attend a preschool called Stepping Stones that is set up for children on the autism spectrum. They go two days a week and its a great structured class that has a different theme each week and the teacher REALLY gets into her themes :)

I walked through the threshold of the doorway yesterday and I was greeted with a very excited "WE HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS FOR YOU!!!" They were playing with bubbles and it was time to put them away. The TSS began screwing on the cap to the bubbles and saying all done with the bubbles. Isaac came over to him and pulled his shirt and said "BUBBLE" plain as day. They had to take a double take to make sure it was in fact Isaac and it was. The teacher and the TSS both heard it and they said it was unmistakably the word BUBBLE. They said they both teared up and couldn't wait for me to get there.

So you know I've gotten out the bubbles and tried to get the word out myself with no success. BUT, I know that he has been making different noises. No words yet, but the way he hums and babbles has been changing. I'm so anxious to hear a word out of his cute little mouth.

When they didn't walk until the age of three, I was always wondering if they would walk. And now they run! Now I've been doubting any talking. I try not to. I know that on their own time they will do what they're going to do but its hard to be patient as a mom, especially having three typical children prior to the twins and knowing that they are really delayed in their speech.

I have HOPE! We are going to push harder and see if we can get more sounds without to much frustration from them. But... I have HOPE!! I have that spark of excitement back that they may say MaMa someday. When that happens nothing or no one will be able to burst my bubble for months :)

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datri said...

Oh, those elusive words!!