Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring on the stinky!!!

I do love the first really nice day of spring. Today was it for us, temperatures in the high 70's, nice and sunny, little windy but overall a great spring day. I caught up on laundry by doing 6 loads, we got the car cleaned out, kids dug some nice holes in the yard looking for worms, Tristin sat out on the deck and read Twilight and got a sunburn, twins are both sick but went out for a bit for some fresh air, Tom took older three fishing tonight after dinner, it was just a great day.

The worst part of spring for me is when the farmers come and plow and poop on our yard and prepare to plant the corn. It is midnight and I'm still smelling cow manure in my house. Stinky..Stinky..Stinky.. This will last for about two or three days, until we get some rain. I won't hang my clothes out, don't like to open my windows, and tend to burn extra candles over the next couple days. Guess one of the many benefits of living on a farm :)

I know you can't really see this photo to well (took with cell phone) but we had two big trucks and one big tractor plowing, spreading manure and finally planting corn today. Its fun for the kids to watch the farmers in action, ok and for me, but the few hours of stink afterwards is just plain yucky!!!

But the positive of all of this is that we are due for some nice weather soon, we have a nice big backyard for kids to play in and in August we will be eating the best corn in town.

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