Thursday, April 16, 2009

All in a day at the dentist...

Today we took the boys to their first dental appointment. I have to say I was a bit nervous due to the fact that they are both biters and when the pediatrician even tries to put a tongue depressor in their mouth to look at their throats he cannot even pry their teeth apart. That is why the Down Syndrome Clinic referred us to the pediatric dentistry at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh. I knew they would be used to children who didn't want to corporate and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the whole visit. They DID NOT enjoy it whatsoever, but the survived it. Poor Caleb screamed so hard and long that he broke several little blood vessels in his face, he looks like he has a bad rash on his face tonight. He's missing two teeth on the top and his bottom teeth are so crowded that it will definitely be an issue when his adult teeth come in, but he had no cavities. Isaac was a little more feisty, as usual, (he doesn't even let me brush his teeth most days) and he too is missing the same two teeth on the top...identical twins.. and the crowding is an issue. Isaac, however, has two cavities that need fixed. Due to him not sitting still and tolerating them working in his mouth they will have to sedate him to do the work. This is something that we were expecting to happen, so much so that we will coordinate plastic surgery coming in to fix a scar on his neck and his colostomy scar on his tummy at the same time. Two minor surgeries under one anesthesia, works for me!! This won't happen for about three months and I'll update when we are about to have it done.

While Tom and I and the twins were in Pittsburgh today the older three kids went upto Great Grandma's house to keep her company and spend some time with her. She is still really sad about Grandpa's passing two weeks ago. Anyway, Tristin had to make a pie for her math class at school tomorrow and Grandma and her made one together. It turned out great and they both were proud of their pie making adventure.

GG and Tristin

Because we were in the car all day the twins both slept most of the day, so I knew we were in for a longer night with them. As I was getting everyone else to bed Isaac decided to find a purple marker and get creative with it. Thankfully he just decided to use himself as the drawing board this time. When we put him in the tub to clean him up it was like we were coloring Easter Eggs all over again, the water turned a pretty pretty purple color ;)

Isaac found a purple marker

My little Isaac, he'll keep me on my toes for sure!!! God Bless Him


datri said...

Glad it went relatively OK. It's hard to find dentists that will deal with our kids! Kayla had a couple fillings done. I had to practically sit on her feet and hold her hands down, LOL.

Heidi said...

I'm glad your visit to the dentist went better than you thought! Joel is going to the pediatric dentist at our hospital in June. I am a bit nervous because he is a biter too and does not let me brush his teeth for long!