Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I haven't had much time to sit down and blog lately. Lots of stuff going on, but today the TSS was working with Caleb and he was making some sounds (mostly just dadadada...) and was signing a bit for her so she grabbed her camera and made a video so she could show him what he's doing and how he sounds. He got a real kick outta it and so did I.

Unfortunately I cannot figure out how to add this video, but it was still worth mentioning.

Both Caleb and Isaac are starting to make a few sounds and they are both still learning new signs, all totaled I'm sure they have 50 to 60 signs pretty well mastered. This pleases me as I have a form of communication with them, but as their developmental teacher says, that in a way is yet another handicap as not everyone knows sign and the boys think they should :) Again, the boys are teaching so many so much, if you don't know how to sign, they'll sure teach you how to sign crackers and milk real quick!!!!

I called the pediatrician today and we got a perscription for outpatient speech therapy. We go for our evaluation next Tuesday. I'm anxious to see what the recommendation will be for them. I intentionally wanted to wait until after winter so I didnt have to bundle them up and take them out in the cold weather any more than I really had to. I dunno, they're calling for snow today April 15th...think I'm safe?

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