Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 5 in hospital

Well today has gone pretty good. The boys are both eating and drinking better, they are playful and back to hummming all the time. This is something I actually forgot about. They are very vocal all day long either humming or singing and I haven't heard them for a few days, so today is an indication that they are feeling better. The doctor came in today and said he expects another day or so for discharge. They will be discharged when they can sleep unassisted by oxygen for a whole night. Doctors had their level requirement set at 92 for discharge and we've asked them to take it down to 90. So we're hopeful that tonight is the night. C'mon boys!!!

One thing Tom and I noticed today is how VERY observant both twins are. When a nurse comes in the room they start scratching their ears, which they do when they are upset but when they put on their rubber gloves they throw a fit. They KNOW they are coming in to do something to them. When the respiratory therapist come in to give them a breathing treatment they throw a little stink but they get over it pretty quick cause they know they are just getting their treatment. When a cleaning lady comes in they are social to her and dont hardly notice her, but when she puts on her rubber gloves to remove garbage or diapers they start crying... I'm actually really proud of them, this is a great thing :)

Tom and I enjoyed a day with them playing and being silly. I took lots of pictures today and made a little montage to share.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be describing our discharge.

P.S. Please keep Elijah in your prayers tomorrow I am leaving the twins here at the hospital with my mom most of the day so I can take Elijah back to the pediatric dentist in State College to finish a root canal they started three weeks ago. He's been in alot of tooth pain lately and its a different tooth than the one they are planning on working on tomorrow. We'll see what comes of the visit.

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datri said...

Such a bummer that they are still in the hospital. Hope they get to go home soon.