Saturday, January 17, 2009

Who took your photos???

Well, I'm glad you asked.. LOL I have a friend from my MOPS group who is an excellent photographer and as I was speaking to her one day about something I will post in an upcoming blog, she offered to help us out and take a family photo for us. She did an excellent job and I love sharing all the photos with you.

This is my favorite family photo:

This is my favorite silly family photo:

And this is me showing some love to my hubby:

Her name is Molly O'Bryon Welpott and here's a link to her blog: she does terrific work and a reasonable price and she has a really cool offer right now going on to enter your child into a national photo contest. Check her out!

I will share more photos with you on a later blog when I have time to downsize some more of the photos. It was really fun to spend a few hours with all thekids getting their photos done and I dont think Tom and I have had a photo taken together for a LONG time, so I was happy to have that too.

I will leave you with one funny photo that I love to watch people look at for the first time. We were trying to get the twins to corporate with having their photos taken so we put them on the couch and was tickling them, as we leaned them over the couch to get in a good tickle on the belly I told Molly to take a picture of my upside down boys. When people look at this photo they turn their heads sideways or turn the photo the wrong way...nope they're upside down.

I've decided to end each blog this year with some words of wisdom, Tom gave me a little magnetic calender for Christmas with words of wisdom and I'm enjoying them so much I thought I would document some to of them so I can remember them :)

Today is absolutely today.
Today is not yesterday.
Today is not tomorrow.


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