Thursday, January 22, 2009

There are days...

You know what I mean.. there are just some days that your so happy to be who you are and where you are in life and then there are other days that just dont go as planned and your discouraged and depressed. Today I actually had a wonderful day. Ladies bible study at my house, it was a special study as we watched a movie first called One Night With the King, a story of Esther. It was a very good movie and we all enjoyed our time together. Then right after the movie we headed out for a luncheon together. It was truly a nice nice day.

I come home and catch up on my emails and a video that I watched will be one of those that just stick with you for a long time and its so great and amazing how one persons story can touch you in such a way to inspire to you be a better person. I feel that my twins are an inspiration to me and many others and what they have endured in their short little three years of life is more than many of us have ever been through or could imagine being put through. As I watched the following video, I could only think that one day my twins will have a story like this one, that we can use life's challenges to teach others the love of God and teach that each one of us is unique, with different abilities and callings in life. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did..

Have a Blessed Day!


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