Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New President

Today I have been sitting around folding mountains of laundry and watching the 6 hour Presidential Inauguration of our new president Barack Obama. I confess I did not vote for the man in the election, but now that he's here in this position I will pray for him and the challenges that he will face with our nation. It was emotional to witness the first African American accepting such a position of honor and I pray that he will lead our country in the right direction. He sure has a job ahead of him, but I feel that he's up for the challege and I'm anxious to see where he takes the U.S. in the near future.

I will be sure to discuss today with the children tonight and make this a learning experience that they will remember in their future. Its important to embed history into them when you can while they're young. The great great thing about my kids is that they all truly enjoy learning and they have their own ways about them. Trisitn has been learning things in school about presidents and quite honestly she's been teaching me a thing to two.

God Bless the entire Obama family ....and their children are just so darling, can't wait to see what the kids bring to the White House.


Learning is like rowing upstream;
To not advance is to fall back.
-Chinese proverb

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