Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby It's COLD Outside..

The past two days weather has created a 2 hour school delay each morning. Today was upto a warm 12 degrees. They are calling for a high of 6 degrees for tomorrow.

I spent my day today cleaning the house as I've procrastinated doing so over the past week with knowing we were having an evaluation meeting for services for the twins. Its nice to hear the progress they have made over the past four months, yet its still pretty discouraging to hear the significant delays they still have. Mind you, I'm not upset about it, its just hearing a bunch of people sitting around your table talking about the boys and the goals they have set for them not being met and things still needing to address with them. I'm so happy we live in PA and we have the opportunities that we have with the boys to help them.

But boy, is it cold outside :)

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