Saturday, January 31, 2009

ER Visit

My poor Elijah bug, three weeks ago he woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible ear ache. We waited until morning, called the pediatrician and found out that he had a severe ear infection to the point of his ear drum rupturing. OUCH! That just sound incredibly painful to me. They put him in antibiotics, both oral and ear drops, and I can honestly say he only took about 70% of the 10 day dosage because it was a constant battle to get him to take the yucky Augmenten each day. He wasn't complaining anymore, he said he was feeling much better and I assumed he was better and we were just waiting for his three week follow-up appointment to make sure it was all gone.

Fast forward two and a half weeks.. Only a few more days to go until we go back to doctors office to check on ears. I was pretty confident he was healed. He was fine and playful all day Friday until about 8pm, when he came running into Tom and I screaming saying his ear was hurting again. What? Where did that come from? After going through what we went through the last time I decided I wanted to sleep a little bit that night so I took him into the ER. One look and they said they would be crying if that were their ear too. It was very red and very infected. So a shot of rocephin and some motrin and we're on our way home to get some rest. Due to his pain level they sent us home with 3 doses of Vicoden...and boy did we need it come 2am. Poor guy, again he was in severe pain, and...the same ear drum as two week prior ruptured and there was a lot of drainage out his ear. Needless to say, I will be calling the ENT doctor next week. At our last appointment they decided against putting ear tubes in Elijah because he was "growing out of ear aches". Please keep lil man in your prayers I hate to see my kids in pain.

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Oh no, that is horrible!