Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 for 21: Raising Toddlers with Down Syndrome

Every single day in an adventure.  Literally, every day bring something new and unexpected.  Like the other day we were getting ready to head out to a family picnic to introduce my family members to other family members of a Mentor Parent Program board I sit on.  I am putting the final touches on preparing the banana pudding and tossed salad I was bringing to share, I was trying to motive the three older children to get ready, and I was patting myself on the back for having the twins all ready to go, except for socks and shoes.  THEN.... out comes the twins from the play room literally 10 minutes before we have to leave and there they were, BOTH decorated in bright RED SHARPIE marker.. eyelids, forearms, shirts, hands, OH and did I mention the carpeting in their playroom was nicely decorated with big red chunky circles?  Yep, Nice!!

Now tonight we headed off for the third evening of a gospel meeting at our church.  The message is about Family and we are very much enjoying it and trying to be on time (very hard with a family of 7), but tonight.. tonight we were there before it started!! Yep, we were ready to mark that one down in the books for getting there on time... when.... Isaac went up the stairs and tripped on the top step and flew forehead first into the corner of the back pew.. YEP!! Instant goose egg.  Perhaps the biggest goose egg I have ever seen in my lifetime.  We grabbed him and Caleb and raced to the nearest Sheetz to get ice.  So much for being on time.  We get there 20 minutes after it started and get settled in to listen to the sermon.  Excited again, mind you, to listen to Mr. Tim Dooley talking about Families and the Joy of togetherness.... Then Isaac fell off the pew again and bonked the back of his head... oiy yoy yoy!!! Tom took him down stairs to calm him and try to listen in on the ending of the lesson. 

Meeting ended and Isaac went about his favorite part of church.. Greeting EVERYONE.. shaking hands, patting bellies, giving hugs.. His is my social Bug.  Caleb, not so much.  He would rather just head for the car and call it a night.  So as Isaac was saying his Good Nights to everyone and I finished up talking to a few people myself, I grab jackets and gather kids.  When all of the sudden, I can't find Isaac?? I walk outside and a visitor to the church this evening asks if the child walking through the parking lot was mine??!!!!!!  Thank God there was no traffic at the time.

OH MY World... I am ready to be like Caleb and head for the car and call it a night..

So another story goes down in the books.  Some are good, and some not so good.  But it all boils down to these children who have Down Syndrome,  they are just like their siblings in so many ways.  They have a mind of their own and they are going to use it no matter what mama thinks!!!  Pray for me.....LOL


Shauna said...

hmm sounds kind of familiar ;) I only have three, but every day is an adventure!

doozee said...

LOL indeed! This post had be chuckling!

Leah said...

I almost spit out my water! Wish you posted a picture of that! Cutie little rascals!