Sunday, October 2, 2011

31 For 21: Having a family member with Down Syndrome affects the entire family!

Down syndrome fact: Did you know that studies show that having a sibling with Down syndrome or other disabilities affect them in positive ways not negative? They tend to be more accepting of others, more compassionate, and more willing to help those in need. And they don't feel their sibling is a burden to them. Contrary to popular belief it also affects cousins uncles aunts and grandparents in a positive way as well.
So take a look at some of Caleb and Isaac's cousins who will grow up seeing children with Down Syndrome as a "normal" part of their family:
Oldie but goodie,our line up at Easter time of the Hanzely grandkids, several added since this photo!!
Nathen and Braden

Goofy fun on vacation


Adrienne, Allison, and Abigail

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