Monday, February 23, 2009

Toe nails and Chocolate Fountains and Corn bags...OH MY

Today was our bi-weekly MOPS meeting. It was a spa day and I have to say that this year is my second year in MOPS and I've developed a few more relationships than I did last year and its so nice to be able to share two hours with other christian Mom's of Preschoolers. We have a great coordinator Daria who always plans really fun things for us to do. Today it was nice to have a foot and hand massage. We got a pedicure kit and gave ourselves a pedicure and painted our toes. I only usually do that during the summer months so it was a real treat to see pretty toes. And we made home made corn bags. Heat 'em up, put them on a sore neck and relax..AHHHHH Oh, did I mention we had the chocolate fountain going too! Strawberries, pretzels, marshmallows, bananas, angel food cake, and potato chips. I had to try one of each :) And my favorite treat of the day was the cucumber and lemon water. That might sound gross, but you just gotta try it.

While I'm at the MOPS meeting the twin are in Moppetts getting a bible story read to them, they make a craft and play with other kids their age. Its a really great thing for them and as of right now its the only socialization they are receiving outside the home. They are assisted by their TSS and I've been informed that for the most part they do participate in the activities but if any child is having a bad day and crying for any reason it really throws the boys off and they withdraw from the kids. I can understand that, they don't know what to think of it so they decide to withdraw. Another thing about my Caleb is we are thinking he may have Pica. Its a disorder where one might crave or eat unusual things. We often find Caleb eating a crayon, sponges, toilet paper, or dirt. But when he goes to Moppetts they are in the basement of the church building and he licks the brick walls...EWWWW that is just strange to me.

But as a proud mama I always try to display a few crafts each week from my kids when they bring them home from school. Well today, Caleb and Isaac brought me a craft that they colored themselves and with help glued on some cotton balls. I have to share as I'm very excited to see their work and the fine motor skills they're showing off these days:


And of course, I have to share a cutie pie photo of Caleb from today. I have seen others use a free photo editing website called Picnik and I decided to play around with the photo a little bit on there. I thought it turned out cute :)

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