Tuesday, February 24, 2009

An apple made my day today

Yup that's right, an apple made my whole day today. There are times when being a mother to a child with special needs I find myself pondering happiness and today it was in an apple. I'll explain...

Caleb and Isaac both have Sensory Integration Dysfunction. There are some foods they just cannot eat. I can't decide if its because they don't like the taste of them, or if its because they don't like the way they feel in their mouth, but realize its mostly texture issues. The big thing I am dealing with right now is absolutely no fruit is going into these kids. No fruit juice, no applesauce, no canned peaches, no pears, no fruit cocktail, nothing. They are 3 1/2 years old and never have had fruit. Occasionally they will eat a banana in cereal or perhaps plain chunks of banana and somedays they will eat yogurt with fruit, but most often that too it only plain vanilla.

Today for lunch they shared a hot dog, common lunch for them. Then I got out the bag of pretzels and was about to give them their dose of crunchy when I thought "Its been awhile since I've tried an apple" I got one out and started singing rather loud and silly the song 'I like to eat eat eat apples and bananas....' They started to giggle. Ok, lets go with this. Then I started signing apple to them and saying I like apples. Still getting lots of giggles out of the little guys.. I decided it was time to try it AND walaaa they both ate two apple slices today!

Do you hear the angels singing like I do???????? I am so happy to have shared this moment with them...heehehhee and I hope to be able to share many many more of these moments with them from here on out :)

Here's proof:

Isaac looking at his apple slice, he did then take a bite...missed that with the camera


Caleb signing apple




Bethany said...

I hear ya! P took a bite of an apple ONCE and I about had a heart attack. Unfortunately, it has never happened again. LOL

Terri said...

Way to go boys!