Monday, February 9, 2009

"Color My World"

A few weeks ago during a snow day off from school I was listening to a local radio station and they were holding an interview with an author of a kids poetry book. It really caught my attention speaking of having your children think out of the box and not just thinking of what the school are teaching for good testing score, which is where schools seem to go these days. I actually had a terrible cold that day and didn't have much of a voice at all. The author was giving away a few free books to listeners who called in to participate in the show with questions or comments. I decided to call even though I could barely even talk. I'm so glad I did. I actually won the book AND she offered to come to my daughters school and put on an interactive poetry workshop. I was thrilled and my daughter Tristin was excited as she's been writing poetry a little bit in her free time.

Fast forward about three weeks. Well today was the day. Debra Mancini-Wilson came and inspired all the kids to write from their heart and soul. She was really great with the kids and all the kids enjoyed themselves. Her book is great for the little poet in all our kids, she starts a poem and the kids finish. Check out her website at and see a bit of her work, and there's even an interactive section to play with poetry yourself.

Here's Tristin with author Debbie Mancini-Wilson:

Debbie signing Tristin's copy of Color My World:
Book Signing

Tristin getting up in front of the class to read her poem:

Issac slept the entire hour and a half and Caleb enjoyed watching all the kids and was even being silly in his stroller:

So I was really happy I called into the radio station terrible cold and all. When I dropped off Camille tonight at Girl Scouts I had two parents come upto me and comment on how much fun their children had today at the workshop. Thank you Debbie!! :)

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Debbie said...

What a wonderful wake up call for me this morning when I checked my computer and saw that I had received a 'Google Alert' that someone had posted something ... and it was from the Hanzley Clan! I have to tell you that I had a blast yesterday ~ what a delightful group of fun, energetic AND CREATIVE kids! I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to spend the day with them, so Stacy I am also really happy that you called into the radio station that snowy morning! Thank you so much for such a warm welcome, and such a lovely tribute in your blog! I hope that I get to see you all again soon ... or at least that I get to read some poems and stories from the kids (they can send them through my website: