Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thankful Thursdays....

There are so many things in my life that I am truly thankful for. I'd like to document some things weekly and recognize things in my life that have put me where I am and have made me who I am.

This week I'd like to comment on how thankful I am for the weekly bible study I host at my home. Some weeks we have four ladies some weeks we have 8 ladies but non the less I am so thankful for these ladies who attend and for accommodating my crazy schedule with my boys and our life. I am thankful that by hosting it here at my house it motivates me to clean each Wednesday and make my house a little less messy. I'm thankful for being fed the Word of God. Sometimes during church with five children to keep quite I may miss the meaning of the sermon or am unable to truly feel that encouragement I hoped for. By committing to a weekly bible study and having other Christian women in my home teaching me and enjoying their fellowship I get that encouragement. Today was a great lesson, one that again has made me thankful. We are studying from Daughters of Eve by Lottie Beth Hobbs and today was the chapter on Lots Wife.

She was by far a not a good wife yet she teaches us many things. These are the five things taken from this book that I need to remember in the trials of my life.

1. Trials help us to achieve life's major purpose: holiness
2. Tribulations draw us closer to the Lord and make us realize how helpless we are without him.
3. Tribulations are necessary for abundant living. If you have never known sadness, could you be grateful for moments of joy?
4 Trials help us readjust our sense of values. Many would never think seriously of spiritual matters if they were not brought to a low.
5. Suffering better enables us to comfort and sympathize with others.

Some might think oh "Misery loves Company" but I think oh I've been there done that and here's how to get through this. It also brings to mind the wonderful online support groups I have found with other people raising children with Down Syndrome. Its so nice, and I'm thankful for each and every one of them. God is shaping us with more compassion, love and understanding by blessing us with our children.

Guess I'm thankful for alot today, better save some for next week!

Oh and look at the yummy dessert a dear friend brought to todays bible study.
Isn't that the most beautiful fruit pizza you've EVER seen!! Thanks Kristen :)

Until next time...


Bridgett said...

that is really pretty...i thought it was a pic out of a magazine.

Christine said...

Your family is lovely. I love your heart.

BTW, the has got to be the best looking dessert of all time!