Monday, February 1, 2010

Bad Day at Boy Scout Camp....

Well Mr. Elijah had his first ever weekend camping trip with the Tiger scouts this past weekend.  He seemed a little anxious about it and not totally excited like I thought he would be having watched his two older sisters go off to camp to often without him.  I thought this would be his time to shine and a weekend away with the boys.

He had his weekend away with the boys alright.  Doing things he doesn't normally do much at home with two older sister.  Building birdhouses, tool boxes, wrestling around with the boys, building campfires out in 25 degree weather and cooking dinner, and sled-riding down steep hills.  He did great with all of them except the sled-riding.  He apparently thought you were supposed to use a tree and your face to stop the forward motion of the sled traveling at a very high rate of speed down a hill...

This is the result:

And its not pretty.  We went to the doctors office this morning and they ended up x-raying his face to make sure nothing was broken.  I think its going to be one of those injuries that looks much worse before it looks better.  He said he was having some trouble swallowing so she looked down his throat to make sure there was no bruising and she noticed his throat was really red.  One lil swab of the throat later, and strep it is AGAIN!!  This is the second time in a month.  Poor Bugger :(

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