Friday, February 19, 2010

45 Minutes One Way!!??!! and A Wish

There is a new autism center opening in Ridgway, PA. Today they held an Open House. I was going for two reasons. To represent The Arc of Jefferson County so that I might be able to provide information to our own clients and two as a parent of two children with Down Syndrome and PDD Autism. As soon as I stepped into the facility a big smile came across my face because this was the kind of place I had only read about on the internet or in books.

I am one of those crazy mamas that tries real hard to give my kids everything. Thus, we actually have a sensory room in our house. Its no where as developed as this particular autism center, but for a home version I think its pretty cool. Both boys have been diagnosed with Sensory Integration Dysfunction. Trying to research this and find someone to help me provide them with the right kind of sensory has been like banging my head against the wall... I should note here that head banging is something that both my boys do on a daily basis.

I am so convinced that a sensory room is the way to go with my boys that I asked for a sensory room as a wish. Both boys qualified for a wish via the Make-A-Wish Foundation. We thought about what to chose for a few weeks. I know the big wish most people choose is a trip to Disney. Although I KNOW the older three would absolutely love love love to go there (never been there before) I know that being in a busy place like that with all the noises and lights and commotion, that would be WAY WAY WAY too much for the twins. In my opinion I think that would be the last thing they would wish for, at this age. You see this was such a challenge for Tom and I because the boys are completely non-verbal. We wanted something that would give them hours and hours...and hours of joy. Wish #1 Finish our basement into a sensory room Wish #2 and outside play area with swing set and toys. We are anxious to see how it all turns out.

So has anyone else traveled so far for therapy?

Does anyone else have a child with SID?


Shelley said...

*waving hand*
TONS of sensory issues going on here! Xnader also has the dual diagnosis and could probably be given the SID label as well if we pursued it. We have started a sensory diet with Xander that has worked well at home. I just blogged about it this week! The indoor swing was the best money we ever spent! Now, we have to figure out how to help him manage all the sensory stuff at school. *sigh* Slowly but surely, we are figuring out how to help him manage his extreme sensory needs. It's not easy and it's always a challenge. Like your boys, Disney would wig Xander out.....but a sensory room and a safe outdoor play area would be his dream come true!

Bethany said...

Honestly, I can only imagine your excitement. Seems huge for a center like this to open in Ridgeway, of all places! PA is sooo rural! I think it is an amazing opportunity for you guys! Shoot, it takes me 45 minutes to drive most places around here, and still be within the city. So just think of it like that. LOL! We must meet up next time I come up that way. :)

ginny m. said...

WOW! I didn't know you put a sensory room in at home. Do you need weighted blankets for the boys? I have tons of plastic pellets to be used for those - at least I did! Have to check that Sean didn't pitch them : )