Friday, February 5, 2010

The Bait Is NOT there mom!!

So I am determined to write down more kid funnies this year to remember myself and to share with others.  This was a conversation the other night between me and Elijah:

ME:  Get your stuff together your going down to grandma and papa's house tonight while I go to a meeting.

ELIJAH:  I don't want to go.

ME:  Elijah since when did you not want to go to your grandma and papa's house??

ELIJAH:  Well, mom, the bait is just not there.  Without bait, you can't catch any fish!

ME:  What????

ELIJAH:  Since Uncle Jimmy moved to Florida there is not bait to get me to grandmas house anymore.....

LOL How Cute!!  We all miss you Uncle Jimmy :)

Side Note:
Elijah is doing much better from his sled riding accident.  Nothing is broken and the bruises and swelling look great.  Don't believe it will even leave a mark, so he's just as handsome as ever.

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