Saturday, October 11, 2014

That's My GIRL!!!!!

Daddy took Camille and Elijah out for their first hunting experience this morning.  They saw a few squirrels but nothing worth trying for.  Elijah was his usual jabber jaw and Camille was wishing she could give it a go again in the afternoon with just her and dad.

I was making fun of her before she left because she was putting on makeup. I told her that squirrels didn't care what she looked like and she said "Oh but they do!". 

So dinner time came, darkness arrived and Camille and Tom rolled in.  I joked with Camille and asked if it was indeed difficult to put dinner on the table from hunting.  She beamed a BIG OLE SMILE and told me she rocked her makeup because she got one!!  Seriously I thought she was joking and I laughed at her...

Its a nice sized squirrel.

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