Friday, October 17, 2014

Caleb and Isaac are NINE!!!!

This morning as we woke the twins with an excited Happy Birthday they jumped up and signed excited (which is actually their sign for birthday anyway).  We have been counting down the days for them.  Each year gets a little better and a little better.  To be honest at first we didn't have parties for them..  We had a 1st birthday party and a second birthday party but then parties were way to overwhelming for them so we decided to not put them through the stress and didn't have them for a few years.

The past two years we had one BUT it was just a casual get together, we did not sing Happy Birthday or really even make an extra big deal about the day.   If you've ever known a child with Sensory Processing Disorder things like parties and people singing and clapping at them is way over stimulating and creates awful behaviour.  A typical child without these issues loves the attention and enjoys the birthday scene, my guys would crawl under the table, run to another room, start scratching open skin till they were bleeding or just plain cover their ears and scream and cry.  

We certainly have enough cousins now that we celebrate birthdays all year long just about monthly, if not twice a month.  They are getting better and better at attending the parties and have now started speaking "Happy Birthday *cousins name*" with their iPad...    

Tonight we are getting their favorite pizza from Laskas pizza (locals know that's awesome pizza), we are getting balloons and a special cake that I think they will both love.   We will sing Happy Birthday very softly without clapping and watch Duck Dynasty.  OH and as per their request this will all take place at Grandma and Papas house cause that's where most of the birthday parties happen...LOL

Seriously... NINE!!!????

Happy Birthday Caleb and Isaac!!!


Holly Boyer said...

Happy Birthday Caleb and Isaac!!! Wishing you both a wonderful day!!

Ellen boggio said...

Happy birthday Caleb and Issac! Sounds like a great day ahead. What beautiful boys and family! I love your comments about the birthdays, Ian reacts the same way and whenever it's someone else's birthday, he wants it to be his. I never really thought about it, but I have been steering away from birthday parties in general, and everything that you said is exactly why! Enjoy that beautiful family, I know you do!

Anonymous said...

I remember the first time I met these adorable boys at the DuBois city pool.... It is wonderful to watch them progress, both through your awesome blog, and in person!
Happy, happy birthday, Issac and Caleb!

-Beth L.

Leah Spring said...

Oh my gosh! NINE????? I remember when you first posted on Downsyn after they were born. I hope they have a wonderful birthday that is just right for them!