Monday, October 6, 2014

Down Syndrome Awareness Day #6 - Caleb

For Down Syndrome Awareness Month I have decided to share photos all month long of my beautiful boys.. Today I am sharing some photos I found of Caleb about a year ago.  He loves to dress up and show off himself in the mirror.  He can do this for an hour, being silly and dancing and laughing at himself.  He soon has everyone laughing right along with him :)

These photos were taken in sisters room.  Just keeping it real not cropping out messy stuff...LOL  If your like me your not looking at room your looking a cutie pies face.


Anonymous said...

Those photos are so sweet!

Just curious, how do you tell the boys apart? Being identical, the differences would be quite subtle, right? (I just mean, does Caleb have a freckle below his right earlobe, for example?)

Stacy Hanzely said...

Great Question!!! I will be sure to make a post and document with photos the differences :) Thanks for a great topic idea!!!