Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Down Syndrome Awareness Day 14 - Tooth Crowding

As I sit here somewhat disappointed in myself that I was not able to make a blog every single day of the month of October I realize... I'm a BUSY WOMAN!!!  I think some of you have tried to tell me that before, and actually somedays I can sure feel it.

Yesterday, my oldest daughter Tristin got her tonsils out.  She is the last of our five children to have them removed.  As you can see in the photo below Caleb is showing you  he doesn't have tonsiles anymore.

This is a great photo for two reasons, ok make that three:

1. Caleb's mouth is open so far we can see all the way back
2. Caleb's mouth is open wide enough to show off his "shark teeth"
3. Isaac doesn't smile very often and we caught one here 

My Down Syndrome Awareness fact to share today is that often children/adults with Down Syndrome do not have enough room in their mouth to properly display all of their teeth. People with Down Syndrome often have crowding and end up with poor tooth quality.  Our guys are definatly part of that statistic.  Their baby teeth came in crowded but their adult teeth came in so super crowded there was no room so they are in double rows.  This is going to be taken care of at the end of the month during surgery.  Dental is going to give them a good cleaning, fix any cavities and extract the bottom back teeth.  Originally the dentist said they would not want to take them for fear that their mouth would grow with them and make room to pull them forward when they were older.  The sad result is that Caleb and Isaac will probably never be good candidates for orthodontics as they have to be papoosed down just to get a cleaning.  If our unfamiliar with what that means, they are strapped down and forced to lay still for three minutes while the dentist gets a look.  Any and ALL dental procedures are done under general anesthesia for a reason.  They are biters!!!!

We have a family joke that these teeth are called shark teeth.... My guys are not the only ones, their cousin Eric had teeth like these too as baby teeth.  He had them pulled and adults teeth came in just fine.

Anyone else have Shark Teeth?  How were they taken care of?

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