Friday, October 3, 2014

Down Syndrome Awarness Day #3

Thank you Red Room Images for a WONDERFUL ball photo this year, I love it!!!!!

This is the second year the twins played on our local Challenger League.  They did better this year than last and expect that each year they will enjoy it more and more.  This year they wore their noise reduction head phones and it really changed their experience.  Usually they do not like to be in crowds let alone crowds that clap and hoot and holler, with these headphones on they tolerated the noise on the field and in the stands much...much better.

Having Down Syndrome might hold them back from doing things "on time like a typical child" but it doesn't hold them back from eventually getting there and enjoying it just as much as the other kids.  I am proud of Caleb and Isaac for hitting the ball off the tee all by themselves this year... YAY BOYS

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