Monday, October 1, 2012

That's my boy, an Isaac funny

Today is October 1st.  The beginning of Down Syndrome Awareness month.  Having identical twins who both have Down Syndrome, I have LOTS of Awareness available to share for this month.  New stuff always happening in the Hanzely Household!!

I get to start the month with a funny story.  I get a phone call today after school from Isaac's TSS worker.  She said that Isaac had the best day today in school.  Apparently, they began a new system where both boys must get 10 stars on their chart before they can get some time on the iPad.  The boys have been using drills like this already.. Work FIRST, then PLAY.

So today it happened that Caleb got his 10 stars first.  As they were handing him the iPad, Isaac decided he too wanted to play with the iPad.  They told him that he still needed one star to complete his chart and then get his time on the iPad.  Here is what my sweet little guy did.. He went over, picked up a pencil (not an easy task for my guys) and tried to draw a star in the box missing one!!!! How funny is that??!!  And might I say, that was brilliant of him.  They said he needed another star and he went to make sure he got it.  
That's my boy!!

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Maura said...

Sounds like something that my little guy would do too! I found you through the 31 for 21 blog button!