Sunday, October 7, 2012

Run, Walk, Roll Against Bullying

Yesterday October 6th was the first annual Run, Walk Roll Against Bullying event in Punxsutawney put on by The Mentor Parent Program.  I am a board member for this organization and bullying is an issue they want to go into the schools and tackle in the upcoming year.  The weather was not being kind to us as it was rainy and chilly, therefore the turn out was very small.  As with any fundraising event there is so much prep work involved and so many people commit their volunteer hours to trying to make something like this a success.  I am glad its over and in my opinion for the first year, it was a SUCCESS.. We did it and survived!!!

Bullying is a topic that I know about, have dealt with myself as a kid and now with my children.  But it more involved that I really knew.  I took some time online and googled What is bullying and I was really surprised at what all is involved.  One might think that only the weak or disabled are the most bullied but its just not so.  I think that all of us have been bullied at one time or another.  One term that I came across reading through information is "Bullycide", that is when the affects of Bullying cause someone to commit suicide.  How very sad that it would get to that point.

I think that as a parent I need to become more aware of the signs of bullying and make sure I teach my children to stand up for their friends if they see it happening.  How easy it is for us to see something happen to someone and be embarrassed for them or turn the other cheek to keep our noses out of it.  As the bible so plainly states in Matthew 7:12, "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you".  I have taught this verse time and time again to my children.  I know that its easy to forget when your friends are all acting in a manner in which you know is wrong, but this is one scripture that I hope will STICK to my kids brains and hearts.

I could get into a whole other topic of how bullying and children with Down Syndrome and Autism are affected, but I don't want to get myself worked up today.  I am glad that I took the time to become more aware of signs and symptoms of bullying.  I reflected on my childhood and I remembered harsh things that were said and/or done to me... and then I thought back to some things that I know I DID that were not kind.  Thank God I have a forgiving Father, now to be sure I find a way to forgive and be forgiven by those I was unkind to in some way or another.

Take some time today to research Bullying.

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