Monday, September 24, 2012

Last Harvest, Yummy Red Bell Peppers

I headed outside for my morning routine of checking on the rabbits and feeding them.  It has been so neat to watch how their fur and their size has changed since we got them a month ago.

While I was outside bundled up due to the crisp Pennsylvania morning air, I decided to head down to our garden one last time to see what was left to pick.  I very surprised at how many peppers we still had coming on.  I love red peppers and they were waving HI to me as I approached the garden.

I made two trips back up to the house to dump the bags I harvested and decided to take a photo of their beauty.

See the freshness!!

Cleaned and ready to prepare

I plan on stuffing a few with hamburger, roasting a few to freeze for later use, strip some to eat fresh and some to freeze for winter cooking, and of course make a meal out of them for tonight's dinner.  I love when our garden is a source of our healthy food.  All that hard work does pay off!!

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